Energy From Waste Facility

Statement from Kris Hopkins



A number of constituents and others have contacted me and my office over recent weeks regarding the proposed Energy from Waste facility  at Marley.


I do understand many of the concerns raised. 


However, it has become apparent that misleading information about the proposed development and my own views on it have been circulated, including on social media. 


I therefore thought it would be helpful to clarify my position, which has remained constant and been set out numerous times in the local media since the original planning application was passed in 2014. 


A full consultation took place at that time as required by the planning process and overseen by Bradford Council.  I sought an assurance on this from the Council, on behalf of residents and other interested parties.  I subsequently received that assurance and am satisfied that due process was duly followed.


It is often forgotten that the site was previously a gas works and has been a derelict industrial site for some time.  The latest application was for alterations to the original plans, and did not affect the fact that original permissions were given in 2014.  This was approved by a committee of Bradford councillors, as is due process.  I should also point out that this application has been supported across the political spectrum. I have full confidence that the agencies involved will ensure the safety and least possible disruption for residents. 


As I have said publicly many times over the last three years, it is expected that a significant number of employment opportunities will be created as a result of the development to the benefit of local workers and their families.  Job creation has been a major pledge of mine to the area and will continue to be so. This development will create jobs both within and outside the constituency, bringing economic benefits to the immediate area. 


With regards to concerns raised about health and emissions, both the Environment Agency and Public Health England – which are fully engaged in the planning process - have made clear that the site is suitable for use. If this was not the case, the project would not have my support.  


Looking ahead, the plant cannot function without a permit.  When the environmental permit is ready for submission, I would urge any interested parties to make representations through the consultation process.  Further information on this can be found at


Below I have copied Bradford Council’s update to me.


I would urge anyone with concerns to read it as I believe this information will go a long way to addressing them.


Update from Bradford Council